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Open paint Birthdays!

Everyone Is An Artist


Our Fun Creative Birthdays!

For ALL ages we offer our two hour

 Open Paint Birthday Parties!!

**( for parties for ages 16 and up please refer to our Private Party Section)

What a great way to celebrate your special day! 

Our two hour birthday sessions include..

*All supplies (paint , brushes, easels etc!)

*Aprons and smocks to protect clothing.

*Studio to yourself for 2 hours!

*An art assistant!

*Glitter applied at the end!


*Bags to carry out your paintings.

*Happy Guests!!

*Choice of a few canvas sizes or items

( must be decided before the party)

 (10 minimum guests required)

*Parents are responsible to supply paper goods, drinks, pizza, birthday cake or cupcakes if they would like  

*$50 deposit to reserve (goes towards your party)

**For all ages

*parties for ages 16 and up please refer to private party section  

Open Paint Party Options...

*All canvases and pillows are pre draw with fun designs for guests to choose from! Let us know the theme of your party and we can make designs to match!!

*Face Painting can be added to your party for $5 per guest ( 10 guest minimum)

*Have "Allie the Artist" at your party for photo ops and fun!.. $50 per hour.

Choose from the following...

*One 8 by 10 and 5 by 7 canvas...$30 per person

*One 11 by 14 canvas...$35 per person 

*One 11 by 14 and 5 by 7 canvas....$40 per person

*One 16 by 20 canvas.....$45 per person

*One 16 by 20 and 5 by 7 canvas...$50 per person

*One square pillow and 5 by 7 canvas....$33 per person

*One oblong pillow and 5 by 7 canvas...$35 per person

*One baseball cap and 5 by 7 canvas....$33 per person

*Disney themed 12 by 12 canvas party... $40 per person

( choose from Elsa, Woody, Dumbo, Simba or Nemo!)

Disney only offered on 12 by 12 canvas

* Mermaid themed 10 by 20 canvas party...$40 per person

4*Add an extra hour to your party for $100.

*Please call studio to reserve your party

great for all ages kids and adults!

Makes a great holiday party or scout event too!

(631) 886-2444

*Gratuities are not included in the party price.

 Our artists appreciate any tips!