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The Painted canvas

Frequently Asked questions

Everyone Is An Artist

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FAQs about our studio and process

Our customers, students and their families are extremely important to us at the studio. The following are frequently asked questions and answers about our policies, classes and events. If there are any questions that aren't on this page please fell free to email us and we will respond right away. Our mission is to provide a relaxing , creative environment where everyone can learn and enjoy painting in a unique step by step way. 

Question...What do we offer besides events and classes? Any products to purchase?

Besides our amazing Paint and Sips/ Snacks/Art Classes and Open Paint days we have our creative Art Kits that are always available for purchase as well as any open paint products and items. Pick some up with our cute easels and have a fun paint party at home!! We are also proud to announce the upcoming arrival of our Artzi Kid line of story books, plush dolls and art lessons. These artistic fun little characters , children books, website and art lessons are created by the studio owner Linda Sperruzzi and inspired by her own kids and awesome students through the years. We will announce the arrival of this product very soon so follow us on Facebook and instagram @artzikids or @thepaintedcanvas to stay updated!

Question...What makes our Paint and Sip events different than others?

Our paint and sips are complete painting lessons for anyone. Our custom made projects created by owner/artist Linda Sperruzzi are viewed on several screens around the room as she or her artists paint along at the easel. This enables every guest to clearly see what step is being done no matter where they sit in the studio. Our paint is thick and custom made, our projects are impressive and custom made, our process is one of a kind and unique!! We have been doing paint and sips for 8 years and we were the first on Long Island to offer them! Everyone who leaves the studio after a paint and sip is carrying a true personal best masterpiece that usually gets framed and shown off for many years. Our goal is to make sure all our guests leave happy and amazed at what they can do!

Question... Are all the projects custom to The Painted Canvas studio?

Yes, all projects are originals created by owner Linda Sperruzzi and are exclusive for the studio as well as our Artzi kid brand.

Question...Why are Paint and Snacks , Most Classes and Camps strictly for ages 7 and up and why are no adults permitted at the classes/events?

The projects created for our Paint and Snack events, classes and Camps would be too advanced for many under age 7 and we want to have the students feel confident in the process. Many kids under 7 are also not completely independent from their parents and are not comfortable staying for the two to three hour events as well as the classes ( we offer classes for ages 6 and up on the 1st and 3rd sat of every month)  We do not allow adults/ parents in the studio class/event room so that we can have our young artists fully focus on the step by step project independently and are not distracted. Plus our art assistants need as much room as possible to work with the kids.

Our Open Paint Days are for adults and kids to enjoy the studio together.

Question...Do the students get to create their own independent projects besides the step by step structured projects?

When the students and the art assistants feel they are ready, they can bring in photos that they are interested in rendering in pencil, charcoal, passed or acrylic.  Most students are not ready for this until they have studied at the studio for a while and are closer to age 12. The step by step projects are made to teach the students skills that they will incorporate into their own independent creations when they are ready. We usually offer students the chance to change up many aspects of the step by step project to make it unique and their own.

Question...Can parents/guardians come into the event/studio section at the end of classes/camps events?

We kindly ask that parents/guardians wait up in the front area at the end of classes/camps events . When their child/teen is ready we will have them come to the front for pick up. This enables the art assistants to clean up and assist any students at the end of class in a safe way without too may people in the room. All questions about our classes etc can be answered by our front desk or sent by email.

Question...Do you only teach acrylic painting?

Our studio is mainly an acrylic painting studio. We also teach pencil to our students during the year as well as charcoal and pastel pencil occasionally. We do not offer oils or watercolor classes. Our Camps and Paint and Snacks are only acrylic painting and pencil drawing lessons.

Question...Why do you have art contests twice a year?

We believe that our contests help our students to expand their creative minds in a fun and interesting way. They encourage the artists to think "out of the box" with challenges that are unique to the studio. Our students do not have to compete in these contests, we keep it optional ,but we do encourage them to try to create something. The contests are occasionally  based on one of our amazing shoppes at the Shoppes at Eastwind and judged by the chosen shoppe too. We always display the entries online for all the community to see!

Question..Does the owner/artist teach the classes and events?

The owner and creator Linda Sperruzzi creates every project for the students of The Painted Canvas and oversees the studio and classes. 

The art assistants teach the students, explain the techniques and guide them through the projects. Some of our assistants teach the events too.The assistants are thoroughly trained by the owner, art artists themselves and most have been students of Linda Sperruzzi since very young. 

Question...Does the studio offer adult art lessons?

We do not offer specific classes for adults but our Paint and Sips are not just for entertainment and sipping..they are full art lessons and many of our customers have learned to thoroughly paint by taking our paint and sips. Each one is a custom made lesson that teaches techniques to any level even beginner. 

Question.. Is Open Paint for everyone and all ages?

Yes!! We created Open Paint so all adults and kids could relax and paint their way and take their time! We LOVE our Open Paint Days and have met so many amazing people during these events. Always check out our calendar for upcoming Open Paint days and times, no reservations are necessary just stop on in and create!

Question...Can my child take just a few classes or do I need to sign up for the year?

Our studio classes run from Sept through June and we encourage our artists to hold their spot for the year with our yearly supply fee. If we have room in our classes we do allow students to sign up for three or four class packages. Contact studio for pricing and info on these class packages. We always accept students into the program as longs there is room in the class   Most class sizes are 10 to 15 kids. We have two assistants for any class over 8 kids. 

Question..How many project choices do you offer at a time in the classes?

We usually offer two to three choices for the students at all times in our weekly classes at the studio. In our Little Artist classes on sat mornings we do one project at a time. Students who are ready are given times when they can render photos and do their own individual work.Our Paint and Sips / Snacks and camps offer one project at a time. ( sometimes two at a time in camps)

Question...Why do we offer trivia questions and prizes in our classes and events?

Well first, the obvious..because its fun!! Second is because it gives our students and guests a chance to learn interesting facts about the subject matter that they are painting. And everyone loves a chance to win a fun prize!

Question..Why doesn't the studio have daytime hours during the week?

We are primarily an event and class studio so since we do not have daytime classes during the week we are not open. 

Linda the owner is busy creating new projects/products for you at her home studio.

We are always available to meet a customer if they need a gift or gift certificate. Please email the studio if you need an appt. Our online calendar has our hours and since it changes often due to private events and classes we suggest that our customers and studio families check it often for hours and class info. 

Question...Is the studio BYOB?

Yes yes yes! Our adult events are always BYOB and we suggest purchasing your spirits at the shoppes wine store Wines By Nature!

Mention its for the Paint and Sip and get 10% off your wine!

Question... What if I can't make the event and I gave a 10 dollar deposit already to reserve my spot? Do I get my deposit back?

All our events require a 10 dollar nonrefundable deposit to reserve. If you contact us anytime before the date of the event we can transfer your deposit to another event but not return it. If you call us the day of an event we cannot transfer your deposit and it is also not returned. We have this policy to help us pay for our supplies/assistants and cover us for any non filled seats on a sold out event. We often get waiting lists for our events and its impossible for us to fill seats due to no shows or last minute cancellations.

Question...If my child cannot make it to art class can it be made up at another time?

Absolutely! We know that kids/teens get sick at times or have concerts, sports games, apps etc. We keep track of your missed days and you are more than welcome sot schedule make ups for those days. We do not pro rate due to lost classes but will make them up to you as long as its pre scheduled and in a class that has room. Please try to stay on your class schedule .If a child/ teen hasn't shown up to class and not contacted us in more than a month we will open up the spot to a waiting student.

Question... Why are the art classes during the week one hour long?

We feel most kids are tired after one hour of focused painting/drawing. We offer students a chance to stay for two hours in our Wed, Thurs and Sat morning classes. These classes are priced on our art class page. We ask that parents are prompt for drop off and pick up.

Question...Do we offer art classes during the summer?

We offer our camps for ages 7 through 15 during the summer only. No regular art classes.

Question...Do our paints stain clothing?

Yes. It does unless rinsed off immediately. We recommend using our aprons and t shirts.

Question..Do we have other locations?

No, at this time we just have our Wading River location. We also do not go off premise for any events or parties except face painting.

**Please refer to the birthday party section and private party /small sessions section for answers to questions pertaining to those

 particular events.